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High-Quality House Construction Services

Embodying a commitment to superior craftsmanship and distinction, we deliver a wide range of services to satisfy the demands of homeowners in and around Hope Island. Our work is designed to enrich your homes look and boost your property’s worth.

Included in these services are:

  • Thoughtfully planned home extensions to expand spatial capacity
  • Incorporation of energy-saving windows and doors
  • Consistent general maintenance and repair solutions
  • Upgrade and revitalise kitchens and bathrooms
  • Specialised custom carpentry assignments
  • All-encompassing renovations, from minor tweaks to major overhauls
  • Each offering takes into account your personal requirements
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Using our professional approach, we have tailored a range of renovation solutions to fit your needs:

House Extensions

A home extension stands as a highly strategic method for expanding living space and boosting property value, all without the hassles and costs associated with relocating. This process entails the expansion of your residence through the construction of additional rooms or extensions to existing spaces. These extensions can vary in complexity, ranging from the addition of a single room to more intricate endeavours such as the incorporation of a second story. Leveraging the expertise of our skilled professionals, we have the capability to meticulously design a personalised solution tailored to your specific requirements and reflecting your unique style. Our aim is to enhance both the functionality and the intrinsic value of your home.


Enhance your property’s visual appeal through the installation of new windows and doors. Our comprehensive selection ensures the realisation of your desired aesthetics while simultaneously optimising energy efficiency.


Our property maintenance services are thoughtfully designed to keep your property in impeccable condition throughout the year. From minor repairs to routine maintenance, we are here to help fulfil your maintenance needs.


We are capable of undertaking a range of bathrooms and kitchen renovation projects. We can help to create the kitchen of your dreams, or we can simply give your kitchen a refresh. What’s more, we can also take care of ensuring you have a bathroom that you love. We can make use of the space, introduce new features and help transform your home.


Our talented carpenters bring a touch of precision and artistry to every project. They take pride in crafting custom cabinetry and delicately working on intricate wood designs, infusing your home with character and charm.


If your home is in need of a rejuvenating makeover, our team of home renovation builders is ready to bring fresh vitality to your property. We work closely alongside you to ensure that your house transformation and distinctive vision are transformed into reality. With our home renovations, we can create the home you have always wanted.


Discover the untapped potential within your garage as we turn it into a practical living area or a home office space. Our garage conversion services are meticulously designed to enhance the functionality of your home, maximising its utility to the fullest.


Craft a tranquil oasis in your garden with our garden room building services. Whether your dream is a snug reading nook or an artist’s studio, we have the expertise to envision and build the ideal space tailored to meet your distinct desires. With our services, we can help you add space and value to your home.

Why Choose Renovate Builders?

At Renovate Construction, we understand the significance of choosing the right company—a choice that profoundly influences the future of your home. There are compelling reasons that establish us as the ideal choice. Our proficient team brings a wealth of expertise to every project, and our commitment can be seen in our craftsmanship and consistently remarkable results.

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At Renovate Construction, we like to think that we are different. We aim to work with our clients to offer a bespoke service that works for them. Every project we undertake comes with our precision and workmanship, all of which guarantee success.

We also offer renovation services in Burleigh Heads, Tamborine Mountain, Palm Beach, Robina, Southport, Arundel, Ashmore, Mermaid Waters, Elanora, Beenleigh, and Miami.

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