apartment renovations

Is your apartment tired? Worn out? Or badly laid out, with poor-quality fittings? Do you want to revive your living space, creating a cosy sanctuary or a free-flowing space that works for your family? With our creativity, experience and skills, we can work with you to create the apartment of your dreams.

You could:

  • Redesign the layout of your apartment to make more use of the available space
  • Update your apartment to improve the quality of your living space
  • Redefine your apartment for your changing lifestyle

Unparalleled Expertise of Renovate Carpentry & Construction

You will have heard hundreds of horror stories of building projects going wrong, so you may be understandably nervous about having renovation work done on your apartment. With the team at Renovate Carpentry & Construction, you can rest assured that we only use respectful, professional and experienced contractors. If you choose to work with us, we promise:

  • To keep you informed about the project without you ever needing to hassle us
  • Only to have respectful and skilled contractors on site who understand that this is your home
  • For all craftsmanship to be 100%, we will never cut corners
  • To use high-quality materials, so that your renovation will be built to last

Apartment Renovation Services Offered

Revive, Renovate, Redefine

We all need different outcomes from our living space, and as our life changes, so do our needs. You may want to revive your home space if you have bought or inherited an apartment that has not been updated for many years. You may dislike the design of your apartment, and feel that it would work better in a different configuration. Whatever your position, we will spend time with you to understand exactly what you hope to achieve from your renovation.


Why Choose Us?

Your Trusted Choice for Apartment Renovations

We know that it can be stressful having builders in your home, and that worrying about their progress can further add to this stress. When you work with Renovate Carpentry & Construction, we will always be respectful of your home, we will always keep you updated on the progress, we will always communicate with you, and work around you so that we can carry out your apartment renovation with minimal disruption to your life.


Let Us Help You to Renovating Your Apartment

We love seeing the potential in an old apartment, and we love working with people who have their own ideas as well. Whether you have a vision for how you want your apartment to look after the renovation, or want us to come up with apartment design to improve your living space, we can help. We will take the time to speak to you, to listen to you, and to closely inspect your apartment, so that we can understand exactly what you want to achieve from your renovation project. We want you to be delighted and thrilled by your apartment renovation and will work with you and the space in your apartment, to create a new and inviting living space.

Request a Free Apartment Renovation Consultation

We want you to be completely happy with your decision to work with our fantastic team to renovate your apartment. We always offer a completely free and no-obligation apartment renovation consultation before you make your decision. This gives you the chance to ask any questions, understand what your apartment renovation will consist of, and discuss your budget before you agree to your apartment renovation. We want you to be happy with renovating your apartment and will spend time making sure that you are satisfied with your decision to work with us. We will be exceedingly clear and transparent so that you know exactly what is included, and what to expect during the apartment renovation process. We can also advise you on any planning regulations or building permissions that may be needed. And remember that you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed. So, call Carl now on 0478 674 215, or email carl@renovateconstruction.com.au and let’s get cracking…